Monday, December 01, 2008

Bad impacts of technology

Technology is an essential part of our daily life.Computer, cell phone, digital players, Microphone, speaker are the most uses technology. Technology is not only helps us to do our necessary things, it has some side effects. cell phones works by emmiting radio frequency radiation and can causes of burning and tingling sensations in the skin of the head and extremities, fatigue, dizziness, loss of mental attention, reaction times and memory retentiveness, headaches, cancer, tumour, malaise, tachycardia (heart palpitations), to disturbances of the digestive system. Some research claimed that cell phones signal affect sleep patterns and possibly delay sleep onset during exposure.
A prime ill effect of using computer is the radiations emitted from the computer monitor and it can damage eyes if uses long hours during the night time. Usage of keyboard and mouse can lead to joint ailments and pain in the back bones and other pains caused due to lack of regular movements. Constant usage of computer also brings brain damage.
Using headphones at a sufficiently high volume level can cause temporary or permanent hearing impairment or deafness.

Technology is one of the reason for our physically damages. Can we take action on it or we have to compromise ourselves with these problems???


ceasar said...

I agree that our generation is to in touch with technology but I also think its good for our advancements in technology but you must also think what would you do if you had no tech if something happened to it our world would be throw into chaos just like the invention of guns was good for protection but people use them for death and destruction look at our society the atomic bomb what would you do if we had ww3 they would drop them and we would die our government doesn’t have the needed safety things for that If you think of it the end of humans is going to be by technology. I have to throw this out there. I agree that technology is amazing when it is not abused.

Hand phone which is very important to every one it also have some bad effect. There have been worries about cell phones causing brain cancer. And certainly everyone worries about driving behind the guy who's holding the steering wheel with his knees while tapping in a message on a wireless e-mail device. But now hear this: Mobile phone use may cause a slowing of brain activity.

Brad said...

Hey bro, as you know, today’s world is much more competitive compare to the 70’s. Invention of games, cell phones, portable laptops are all beyond the control of you and me ;). We all know that the today’s global economy has tended on the service orientation and is more considering on how to fulfill the society’s needs, wants and desires. Introducing the service oriented product regardless on how much effects has on the societies is the major concentration of any firm. So we can’t blame and even prevent from any unexpected service and what we need is just to adopt our mind sets to the new inventions and try to get a good job to generate enough money to utilize our kids in the early future ;).

Anonymous said...

Man, what kind of post is this? To be honest, it sounds like an introduction to computing mini - test!
Ofcourse technology has to have its 'other side' of the coin.Every normal human being knows that already, and all you need to do is use the technological device that is right for you, at the correct rate.

anuar said...

Today, we can't imagine ourselves without technological advances such as cars, microwaves, cell phones
, computers, and televisions. However, technology won't stop here, but develop further. As technology develops, there are not only advantages, but disadvantages from them. A few advantages of upgraded technology are that one can save time and money and life will be made easier as a result of not having to do all the hard labor. In contrast, the disadvantages of upgraded technology are that people will loose their jobs to machines that will do the work for them. In addition, machines and robots are too complex for most people to use.

The disadvantages of technology are that people would be constantly depending on technology with their lives and become lazy, but in today's world you really don't have a choice so its up yo all of us to use it moderately and wisely as possible

eason said...

Everything will have it advantages and disadvantages as well. As been mentioned by Anuar, we really can't imagine how hard we need to gone through our life without the technology. But, it does bring a lot of disadvantages also. In my opinion, the disadvantages could be overcome.

Srikanth said...

Improvement in technology will improve the production of weapons, and when these weapons will be tested and used; then also the environment will get polluted. Increased use of cars will increase the pollution and destroy the environment. Improvement in technology has also led to pollute children's mind. Media and the computers are the source of technology, and they have led in polluting the mind, and destroying the environment of studies. Children spend more time watching television or using computers, so less time for studies; and there will be no environment of studies left

nella said...

advanced technology also give disadvantages like no privacy for us, information technology help us to communicate with each other easier and faster but today people worry about their privacy while they talking by cell phone or electronic devices because from cell phone signal interception to email hacking. Technology changes every day and industry trying to have high security but actually they need constant learning mode to have high security if they always change, it leads them to have lack of job security.
Privacy and security become big issues since technology become so advanced; people worry that their privacy becomes public knowledge.

Even technology gives disadvantages also but how can we life without technology? It helps us to do our job easier.

fadia iqbal said...

Its true that "Life comes first." But everytime we are compromising it with new types of sorts.But we should not do it. Afterall if I have no time to live then what will I do for it?
From my view I think now it's impossible to keep ourselves away from technology. But we can create solutions to get rid of these problems. Then it would not be harmful and we can use it for as long as I wish without any hesitation.

cuialbert said...

yes i agree with you,technology always given us advantage and disadvantage,the first is advantage as we know the technology bring to us easy and comfortable life,and also give us bad impact for the to decide the technology good or bad the first you need to know is the advantage more than disadvantage or disadvantag more than the advantage.must technology is advantage more than disadvantage with out the the technology of weapons.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, our lives are completely directed and influenced by technology which has changed people’s lifestyles. We can see it everyday in the streets where it’s almost impossible to find someone without a mobile phone. The truth is that we need technology for everything because we are used to living with the advantages that technology offers and for example, it’s not easy to go a day without the television or the computer. Because of this, I think that this would be a negative point (it’s no good to depend from a machine, at least not as I do). However, this kind of technology (I mean, computer, television, robots...) is practically new as it started its development in last century.

On the one hand, technology lets me do other things and avoid wasting my time. Besides, it is really important to the progress in medicine where technology has promoted different research of diseases like cancer or AIDS. Likewise, it also have helped to develop other techniques like lasers which have helped a less invasive medicine or robots which operate more accurately.

On the other hand, it´s important to say that although technologies help societies to advance, in the same way they increase the differences between countries and even between classes. In addition, sometimes it can be the reason of a clash because of the power that it implies (no country wants to depend on another one). Bearing this in mind, we should consider technology a help only for a minority and this is no just because technology should be for all human beings. Technology can be used in a bad way too, I mean, in wars also it is used but only to invent other ways to destroy more and more, including people (new weapons, atomic bombs like in the case of USA or Iran, ...). In fact, technology in itself isn’t good or bad, its use is the thing that makes it bad or good. Another drawback is that things go out of fashion really fast and we must renew everything all time and this continuous exchange affects nature as it’s very complicated to recycle this kind of object so it makes pollution grow.

As a conclusion I think that technology has made things a lot easier but, at the same time it also makes people a bit lazy as you have mentioned that constant use of it has and adverse effect. But let me assure you my friend with the increasing use of it and with the advancement in technology constant changes are made to improve it for e.g. in US they are already using 2 peace keyboards to give fingers less stress.

Ayesha said...
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Ayesha said...

Technology are growing very fast that provides easier life to today's generations.However, as you said that there are bad effects from these technology. I don't think that we can take any action towards these technologies because it is not beyond our control. In the same time, I'm not saying that we should compromise our self with these problems but we can only take an action which is beyond our control.For example,we can reduce depending on technology in our daily life.We also can put some effort to do manually rather than using the technology if it can be done manually.Therefore, people should not take their health as granted just to have an easy life because the side-effects can be seen in long term that may put you in more difficulty.

Morpheus said...

Bro technology has negatively impacted on our environment as well.
Computers and mobile phones present a tremendous disposal problem--in part because they become obsolete so quickly. A 1999 study by the U.S. National Safety Council estimated that 20,600,000 personal computers became obsolete in America in 1998 alone. Of these, just 11% were recycled and three percent were resold or donated. Because computers become outdated rapidly, repair is costly compared to the price of new goods. When computers are trashed, the lead in monitors, the mercury and chromium in central processing units, and the arsenic and halogenated organic substances inside the devices all become health hazards. [1]
Therefore my friends we need to start thinking and being "green"!!

Check out this blog to get few tips to become greener:


Ee Lynn said...

As far as I am concerned, I believe being the citizens of the 21st century our lives are immobile without technology. As people become more civilized everyday, like a chain reaction technology improves. Technology to me is a milestone of civilization. Moreover our lives today are so dependant on technology that we cannot give up the usage of cell phones at any cost for instance. Another good example would be the invention of television. Television is one of the greatest inventions of man because it gives immediate access to news without borders. People watches television despite of knowing the fact that it actually harms the mind and the body.

"In a study of 600 remote Indonesian villages, the report finds that those villages that got better TV reception (and watched more TV) had considerably lower participation in group events, less community trust, and lower attendance in community meetings"

This may be considered as a side effect of technology to some. However to answer Amit's question I would say not in all cases we should live with the disadvantages of technology. Preventive measures can be taken in order to reduce the side effects of technology but it can not be totally eliminated.

Rode said...

Hearing damage from headphones is probably more common than from loudspeakers, because many people exploit the acoustic isolation by listening at higher volumes. whether you are UsingBest Headphones.

Australian internet service provider said...

It's just a matter of how we discipline ourselves in using technology.